Netball team needs overhaul – Zulu


National Netball Team coach Charles Zulu says overhaul changes to the team that competed at the 2015 Sydney World Cup is inevitable if Zambia is to earn its reputation in Netball.

And Zulu says old age contributed significantly to his team’s poor outing at the world tournament.

ZNBC’s Katwishi Bwalya reports that Zulu was speaking shortly after Zambia lost 53-38 to Barbados and the loss now means that the netball team is now ranked 14th in the world.

Zambia Sri Lanka
Zambia outclass Sri Lanka at Netball World Cup

Zulu says most of his players were old compared to other players from other countries.


He says what he will now work on is to fuse in young players because the reason for Zambia’s dismal performance was well known.


The tournament comes to a close this evening with Australia and new Zealand fighting for supremacy in the finals.