POLICE  drop investigations against Senior Chief Puta’s retainers 


POLICE in Chienge have dropped investigations against Senior Chief Puta’s retainers who were accused of assaulting supporters of a man trying to overthrow the chief.

Luapula Province police chief Malcolm Mulenga said in an interview that police have not found any evidence linking Chief Puta’s retainers to the alleged assault of seven supporters of Mwamba Kapotwe, a man who wanted to overthrow Chief Puta of Chienge in Luapula Province on Friday last week.

Mr Mulenga said in an interview yesterday that even though the police were still investigating the assault that allegedly took place on Sunday, they have not found any truth that Chief Puta’s retainers were the ones that assaulted the seven, as the victims were claiming.

“We have not found any truth that the seven people were assaulted by the chief’s retainers but we are still investigating if there was any assault at all,” Mr Mulenga said.

Seven people of Kampopo Village in Chief Puta’s area on Sunday complained to police that Chief Puta’s retainers assaulted them.

The seven said they were assaulted by the chief’s retainers on the chief’s instructions.

But the chairperson of the king makers of Chief Puta, Katele Kalumba said in an interview that Chief Puta did not send anyone to attack Mr Kapotwe or his supporters because the chief did not want to give him (Kapotwe) an excuse to cause further confusion.

Mr Mulenga yesterday said the situation in Chief Puta’s area was calm but police had reinforced Chienge Police Station.

He said 21 additional police officers have been deployed to Chienge to support the staff of 18 police officers based there, in case there was any more confusion.

“The additional police officers are just maintaining law and order and are there to help deal with any eventualities,” Mr Mulenga said.

Times of Zambia



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