ZAF Condolences Message from HAKAINDE HICHILEMA


On behalf of the United Party for National Development and indeed my own behalf, I offer my deepest condolences, first to the families of Major General Muliokela George Muliokela and Col Brian Mweene who both lost their lives tragically, yesterday following an air crash in the outskirts of Lusaka. I would also like to pass a message of condolences to the ZAF Commander Lt. General Eric Chimese and the people of Zambia on this event that has shaken the core of our Zambian Airforce. Colleagues these officers were highly trained men in uniform, with impeccable records individually. The loss to the nation is immeasurable as these men demonstrated their dedication to duty in a manner that befitted men of their stature. Words fail to describe the sense of loss we feel as a party and as an individual on this occasion.

Colleagues, country men and country women, let us accord our departed colleagues the sort of respect that can only be accorded men that gave all their lives to the nation. We owe to them to carry out our observance in a peaceful and collegial manner because the two men were an embodiment of peace as we struggle to find men and women that can match the skill and dedication of the two departed colleagues. It takes time and effort to train an officer to the levels the two officers had reached.

Lastly as we mourn our departed colleagues, I appeal to the Government through Hon Edgar Lungu to investigate the cause of these accidents fully. The frequency with which these accidents are happening is a cause for worry to all Zambians. I trust that whatever the outcome of the investigations, the nation will be kept informed.

Colleagues I join you in mourning the two colleagues and may their souls rest in peace and God bless you all.