Zambia State of Emergency necessary – Ng’oma


Political Scientist Dr. Alex Ng’oma says it is necessary that President Edgar Lungu declares a State of Emergency given the increasing cases of arson in the country.

Dr. Ng’oma, who is also a Political Science Lecturer at the University of Zambia (UNZA), has explained that when the State of Emergency is declared, people’s rights and freedoms will be suspended as the state tries to control the situation.

Dr. Ng’oma tells QTV News that once the state of emergency is declared, the Government can impose curfew to restrict the movement of people at night as one way of controlling the situation.

He says the President can also decree that power supply be cut off as a way of ensuring that state infrastructure is not burnt.

Dr Ng’oma says this is the more reason why Zambians must avoid acts setting on fires public property because of the consequences that come with the declaration of the State of Emergency.