PF MPs bombard Speaker with Points of Order


Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini was yesterday bombarded with points of order by Members of Parliament mostly from the ruling Patriotic Front pertaining to the boycott of President Edgar Lungu’s state of the nation address by UPND Members of Parliament last Friday.

Dr Matibini who acknowledged that the points of order raised were unprecedented was forced to put a stop to any further points of order as Members of Parliament were unrelenting.

In his ruling on the first of the several points of order raised by PF Members of Parliament, Dr Matibini says he has resolved to refer the matter pertaining to boycott of the presidential address to Parliament by UPND Members of Parliament to the parliamentary privileges and absences committee for determination.

The Speaker said his office has received several complaints regarding the boycott by UPND Members of Parliament.

He has since reserved his rulings on the several points of order raised by PF Members of Parliament.

And Dr Matibini has reserved ruling on a point of order raised by UPND Monze central MP Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to find out whether PF Members of Parliament and Independents were in order to sing and chant political slogans in praise of President Edgar Lungu in the house went he went to deliver the state of the nation address.

Mr Mwiimbu further wanted to find out whether it was in order for PF, MMD and Independent Members of Parliament to meet and resolve to constitute a committee to compel the Speaker to suspend UPND Members of Parliament for one year for boycotting the presidential address.