Hiked fuel prices is due inefficiencies – Milupi


The opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) has linked hiked prices of fuel in the Country to inefficiencies in the procurement of Crude Oil by government.

ADD leader Charles Milupi says his party has taken note that there is a lot of alleged corruption that take place in the procurement of Crude Oil by government.

Mr. Milupi states that the ADD’s suspicion is that someone must have been benefiting from this alleged corruption especially at the time Crude Oil prices plummeted to the lowest.

He says the cost of this alleged corruption is what he however believes is now being passed on to Zambians in terms of the increased prices of fuel by the Energy Regulatory Board (ERB).

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Milupi has warned that what will however come following the increase in the prices of fuel is a rise in prices of all products produced in the Country.

Mr. Milupi says this should on the other hand serve as lesson to the Zambian people to take politics seriously.

He has wondered what people that voted for the ruling PF will now dance about with such increases of fuel prices.