Lungu will concede defeat if PF loses


The ruling PF has maintained that President Edgar Lungu is ready to concede defeat if it loses in the August general elections this week.

PF Deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya says President Lungu is a man of his word.
In an interview with QTV news Mr. Bwalya notes that this means that what he says is what he does.
Mr. Bwalya states that the ruling PF will in this case respect the will of the people and therefore no one should think President Lungu will hesitate to hand over power if he is defeated in the election.

He says his party is however confident that it will win the forthcoming general elections.
Mr. Bwalya states that the ruling PF has done its homework and has delivered development it promised to the Zambian people.
He says this is besides governing and providing leadership to the Country so well in the last 5 years it has been in power.



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