EU Observer Missions always gives one sided stories – President Edgar Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has said he is not in charge of the Zambia National Broadcasting Services (ZNBC) despite being the Head of State.

President Lungu reiterated that his role is to provide free, fair and credible elections so that people elect for themselves the leader they want.

The Head of State said this in Lusaka yesterday when the European Union Observer Mission paid a courtesy call on him.

President Lungu said he does not control or direct the coverage of stories by ZNBC and neither does he control the content, of the public broadcaster as the institution is independent of its operations.

President Lungu said many times he has been accused that he influences the content of the National Broadcaster when in fact not.

He said ZNBC is run by the Independent Board of Directors, and execute their duties diligently without interference from government.

President Lungu said he has not stopped the opposition rallies and he has not restricted them access to the media in the country.

He said ZNBC also has its own editorial content and ethical standards which cannot be challenged by the government.

President Lungu said all the Rallies that are aired on ZNBC are fully paid for by the PF and are not aired for free as perceived by the general public and some opposition political parties.

The Head of State said the EU Observer Missions always gives one sided stories, which are not balanced and aimed at tarnishing the image of the country.

Meanwhile President Lungu has maintained that police have the discretion not to allow political parties to hold rallies, if the Head of State is in a certain area.
President Lungu said the police have always maintained that having two or more political parties in an area compromises security, which results in some rallies being postponed.

He said the opposition is complaining about postponement of their rallies because they fear that they are losing the elections.

The Head of State said he has a duty to maintain order because, peace, order and democracy need to co-exist in an election period.