Preaching idealized and Utopian benefits Waste of people’s time


Retired US based Zambian academician Henry Kyambalesa has observed the need for Zambia to walk the talk in creating an environment designed to promote private investments.
Mr. Kyambalesa thinks that it is a waste of people’s time for government to continue preaching to them about the idealized and Utopian benefits of socialism or communism.
In his latest paper Mr. Kyambalesa has suggested that an environment that promotes private investment should be one that affords adequately for various kinds of guarantees.

Mr. Kyambalesa says this is besides providing inducements and essential public services and facilities that are conducive to both local and foreign investors.
He has proposed government to consider coming up with a well-developed transportation infrastructure and ad­e­quate tran­sporta­tion services to industrial, com­mercial and residential areas.

Mr. Kyambalesa says this is what will ease or facilitate the distri­bution of production inputs and finished products.
He has also proposed to government to come up with adequate public ser­vices which include police protec­tion, fire protec­tion, public utilities, and decent housing as well as telecommunica­tions.