Adhere to birth control measures, Luapula residents urged


Luapula Province Local Government Officer Amusa Zaza has said there was need to adhere to birth control methods in order to address the challenge of increased unproductive youths.

Mr. Zaza said there was need to have a population with more productive youths
and fewer dependents in the country.

He said this was why there was need to adhere to the birth control measures.

He was speaking during the district stakeholders’ consultative meeting on the formulation of the seventh national development plan held at Nsakaluba primary school in Mwense district.

Mr. Zaza noted that measures such as family planning, better health services and economic reforms will lead to job creation.

He emphasized the need to prevent child marriages and pregnancies and to keep girls in school.

He said controlling the birth rate will help accelerate economic growth through increased productivity, greater household savings and lower costs for basic social services provided to children.

And speaking at the same meeting, Luapula Province Principle Buildings Engineer Vernon Ngulube said the seventh national development plan will help the country attain its vision of becoming a middle income nation by the year 2030.