Zambian government deregisters Democratic Front (DF), new opposition party


Government has deregistered the Democratic Front-DF- party following recommendations from the Registrar of Societies to have its certificate of registration withdrawn.


Home Affairs Minister, Davis Mwila says the decision has been arrived at to safeguard peace, welfare and good order in the country and between the two parties claiming ownership.


Mr. Mwila told the Media in Lusaka  that the report that dealt with the dispute on the party’s ownership has revealed that Davies Chanda is the rightful owner of the party.


He said government has deregistered DF party because there was an element of negligence and carelessness in the manner the certificate of registration was kept by Mr. Chanda and his party.


Mr. Mwila said his office has written to the DF General Secretary on the matter.


The Minister said he has deregistered DF party in line with provisions of the law which empowers the Minister to act in the interest of peace, welfare or good order.


He however said the aggrieved parties can appeal to the Minister or indeed take the matter to court.