Confusion in MMD, Nevers told to go


LUNTE member of Parliament Felix Mutati is ready to run for presidency if MMD members consider him but observes that there is confusion in the former ruling party.
Mr Mutati has also declared next year’s elections as a do-or-die for the MMD.
Speaking on Radio Phoenix’s ‘Let the people talk programme’, Mr Mutati said there was confusion in the former ruling party and the current leadership should step down to allow a new crop of leaders to take up the mantle.
“Things are not normal in the MMD, there is a lot of confusion. My appeal to our members who are tired is, let them be courageous enough to accept failure and step down for fresh members to take up the challenge,” he said.
MMD is led by former Vice-President and tele-evangelist Nevers Mumba.
And responding to a question, Mr Mutati said he has no intentions of crossing over to the United Party for National Development (UPND). He said MMD MPs that supported the UPND in the January 20 presidential election intend to contest the 2016 parliamentary elections on the MMD ticket.
“I am MMD and will continue to be MMD. My position and 26 MMD members of Parliament is to stand on MMD and not UPND in the 2016 elections. We only supported UPND and not joined,” he said.
And Mr Mutati says challenges in the mining sector can be resolved through constructive dialogue by Government and mining companies.
The former Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry urged the two parties to continue dialoging.
“The problems in the mining sector can only be solved if all stakeholders are involved in constructive dialogue. Absence of dialogue is what is causing stakeholders to have conflicting statements, we should not wait until things are bad,” he said.