Current economic situation to trigger an increase in the levels of poverty


Christians Against Poverty in Zambia (CAPIZ) says the current economic situation in the country will trigger a further increase in the levels of poverty.
CAPIZ President Evangelist Gregory Chileshe tells QFM News that it will take a long time for the government to reduce the levels of poverty in the country under the current economic circumstances.
He says the prevailing economic situation has made it difficult for the poor majority Zambians to afford descent livelihoods as the price of basic commodities has continued to rise every day.

Evangelist Chileshe says it is sad that even as the country clocks 51 years of independence next month, the majority of the people are still wallowing in abject poverty.
He states that government under President Edgar Lungu should provide leadership and reduce the cost of living in the country which is increasing every day.
Evangelist Chileshe has further appealed to the government and other stakeholders to work together and find ways of addressing the high levels of poverty in the country.



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