This clueless govt is destroying people’s lives-Nawakwi


Our Party believes that the Energy sector is the LIFE BLOOD of the Country’s ECONOMY.
WE BELIEVE THAT ENERGY IS TO THE COUNTRY’S ECONOMY WHAT BLOOD IS TO THE BODY… I wonder though if the this inept and clueless Government knows the pain and suffering they are putting people in. How are we going to improve the lives of people when they can’t even do their simple business?
How is the lady earning her living in a saloon or a young man with a barber shop or indeed those children and brothers in welding business going to survive if they don’t have power to do their work and YES!! It is the responsibility of Government to plan ahead to avoid such situations



  1. Wakamba ever since lungu kolewa is on that sit there has been fuel shortage dollar high and now zesco power cut whats next??? Lets please pray and vote wisely