Lumumba Road refuse heaps worry traders


THE alarming garbage accumulation on Lumumba Road has caused fear of a disease outbreak among traders and other people who conduct their businesses there.
Some traders said the garbage dotted along spots of Lumumba Road was depressing and posed a great risk to traders and customers, especially during the rainy season.
Phanny Tembo said the road was littered with garbage and the council was not consistent in collecting the garbage.

Ms Tembo said the road had garbage all over, making it an eyesore as the litter kept on accumulating at a fast rate.
She called on the local authority through the waste management unit to ensure that garbage was collected from Lumumba Road because it was near a market.

Lumumba Road
Lumumba Road – Photo Credit – melissaebbers – Photo Credit melissaebbers

“The council should ensure that garbage is collected from Lumumba Road before an outbreak of water borne diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea which could claim many lives, especially those selling at the market and along the road,” she said.
Another trader, Gwen Chilumba said traders were also to blame because they just threw litter anyhow with no regard for the surrounding environment.

Ms Chilumba said the situation was getting out of hand and if left unchecked could degenerate into a serious problem.
She said the blocked drainage contained contaminated water which produced a bad stench.
“The drainage pipes are blocked with papers, plastics and other forms of litter and they produce a very bad stench,” she said.

Lumumba Road
Lumumba Road – Photo Credit – melissaebbers – Photo Credit melissaebbers

Ms Chilumba said if no action was taken, the area could start recording cases of diseases like Cholera, dysentery and even typhoid as was the case in Kanyama.