We do not want the Zimbabweanisation of Zambia – UPND


The United Party for National Development appreciates and respects international relations, unity and cooperation but we do not want the Zimbabweanisation of Zambia.

Republican President Edgar Lungu should come out and tell the Zambian people what he is learning from Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

There is need for him to explain all the corners President Mugabe knows which he is learning from.


As a President we expect him to qualify statements he makes especially when he is doing so outside the country.

Simple English learning is a continuous process so in short our President is a Student of President Mugabe.

As a Party we do not want political intimidation, police brutality, electoral mal-practices, we want transparency in the management of the country.


Meanwhile President Lungu’s call for SADC member countries to under-take reforms to create the necessary environment to spur structural and economic transformation was good though strange.

We would like to ask him what he is doing back home in light of the subject matter.
How soon should Zambian people expect him to address the nation on reforms that he has undertaken to create the necessary environment that would spur structural and economic transformation?

Was this about do as I say not as I do.

Issued by
Mulondwe Muzungu
Chairperson for International Relations

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