PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu discharged from Pretoria hospital


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has left a Pretoria hospital after being treated by a team of doctors who also recommended that he completes the resting regime.
The President was treated for the low blood sugar level that emanated from the suspected recurrence of the narrowing of the food pipe, a condition medically known as Achalasia, for which he was previously treated 30 years ago at the University Teaching Hospital.

According to statement by President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, the President was also treated for fatigue and traces of malaria parasites that were initially suspected.

The South African doctors attending to Mr Lungu announced that after carrying out four comprehensive examinations, they obtained very encouraging results and reaffirmed the findings by the Zambian doctors that the illness of the President was caused by the recurrence of his Achalasia condition.
The four specialist doctors assisted by three Zambian doctors affirmed that the low blood sugar level the President suffered was caused by the narrowing of his food pipe, which requires a specialised medical procedure after another round of further assessment.

The positive results doctors obtained on Tuesday evening were expected to be subjected to further examination yesterday, after which a decision would be taken on the method of treatment the President would undergo.
The seven doctors, comprising four South Africans and three Zambians unanimously agreed that the Achalasia condition needed to be corrected in order to forestall the President’s recurrent low sugar condition.
President Lungu was admitted to a Pretoria Hospital at 22:15 hours on Tuesday.
Mr Lungu who fell ill on Sunday, March 8, 2015 whilst officiating at the International Women’s Day at Heroes National stadium in Lusaka was advised by his local team of doctors to travel abroad for a high-tech medical procedure.

As a result of the suspected recurrence of his Achalasia condition which could have led to the low sugar level the President experienced, doctors had recommended that Mr Lungu undertake specialised treatment abroad.
The Presidency was evaluating the advice and would today decide when he undergoes the recommended treatment.
The seven doctors attending to the President reached a consensus that they were satisfied that the President was in enough good condition to return home.
They emphasised that the President takes sufficient rest to help clear his high levels of fatigue.
The statement on the President’s health was been authorised by Dr Dorothy Kasonde and Dr Dave Kishore on behalf the other doctors attending to Mr Lungu.

Times of Zambia