‘Do not parade naked’


THE Zambia National Women’s’ Lobby (ZNWL) has advised women to desist from being used by political parties to parade naked in the streets as a means of airing grievances.
ZNWL board chairperson Beauty Katebe wondered why political party leaders supporting such behaviour did not join the women who paraded naked in the streets if they are convinced such activities yield results.
“It is unfair and unfortunate to take advantage of the vulnerability of women to persuade them into undressing in public as a means of airing their grievances while the initiators of such actions remain fully clothed,” Ms Katebe said.
Ms Katebe was reacting to a protest on Thursday by United Party for National Development (UPND) women over the killing of their party member Grayzer Matapa.
“No matter how aggrieved, there are better ways of airing grievances in today’s age than stripping. There is no room for such sexist manoeuvres 50 years after Zambia’s independence. We urge UPND to continue with the work of offering checks and balances to Government but do so in an acceptable manner,” she said.


Daily Mail