Arrest warrant issued against former Minister


The Lusaka Local court magistrate Pauline Newa has issued a warrant of arrest to former community Development Mother and Child Health Deputy Minister Ingrid Mulonda- Mpande after the accused failed to answer a contempt of court summon today.


Magistrate Newa directed the courts to issue the warrant of arrest this morning after the former Minister Mpande failed to answer the contempt of court case issued against her last Friday February 13th, 2015.


According to the copy of the warrant of arrest obtained by ZANIS at the boma courts this morning,  Magistrate Newa directed that Mrs. Mpande be arrested for  her failure to obey the summon C/S 17 (3) CAP29 .


“You are hereby ordered to apprehend the said person and produce him/her to without unnecessary delay before this court to answer the said charge or be committed to trial thereon and be further dealt with according to the law, ”  read the warrant signed by Magistrate Newa.

The former Deputy minister was last week summoned by the court to answer a contempt of court charges after she did not show up in a case of unlawful eviction of her tenant,  Mrs Anne Mulubwa.


Mrs Mpande decided to her tenant from the  farm house in Kasupe, Lusaka West after  defaulting for a month without giving her due notice of 90 days as required by the laws of Zambia.


The tenant and her family had their household goods locked up with in the same house and warned not to step foot  at the premises or else risk being charged for criminal trespass to even monitor their produce at the said farm