Lusambo defends Lungu’s decision to revive State House ministerial position


The opposition MMD Youths in Lusaka feels that the appointment of a Deputy Minister at State House is a welcome move and they believe Mulenga Sata will help President Edgar Lungu settle down in his new role.

MMD Youth Wing Die Hard National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo has told QFM News in a statement that it is unfortunate that the decision has attracted a lot of condemnation from quarters that specialise in attacking every government decision.

Mr. Lusambo is of the view that President Lungu deserves full support because he is facing a very challenging 18 months to transition the country to its next general election in 2016.

He says he therefore requires that he puts together a credible team of men and women that will support him in this crusade.

He adds that President Lungu has the liberty to appoint people he feels he can work with to advance his cause.

Mr. Lusambo notes that it would be unfair for Zambians to expect him not to change a few things about the way late President Sata operated.

He says history will show that President Lungu is not the only Head of State to have appointed a Minister responsible for State House.

Mr. Lusambo recalls that President Fredrick Chiluba and President Levy Mwanawasa including President Rupiah Banda had appointed a number of people to work in and around State House as Ministers.

He says he does not find anything sinister about President Lungu’s decision to unfreeze this position after President Sata opted not to appoint anyone for this role.