Zambezi River trekker enters Mozambique today


BRITISH and Zambezi trek explorer, David Lemon finally exits Zambia into Mozambique today at Luangwa after walking more than 200 kilometres from Siavonga  following the river through the Lower Zambezi .
The 69-year-old, who began the second leg of his Zambezi Cowbell Trek on April 19 from Siavionga, where left off in 2012 after walking some 1700 kilometres following the 2,574 kilometre long river from its source at Ikeleng’i  in North-western Province.
He has thanked the Zambian people for the hospitality shown to him throughout his expedition on one of Africa’s longest rivers whose source is in Zambia but passes through other countries like Angola and Mozambique.
“I am totally grateful to the Zambian people for the warm support.
They have made my walk manageable,” he said in an interview from Luangwa.
He has now walked some 200 kilometres for 28 days before he enters Mozambique today through Luangwa District at Zumbo border.

Mr Lemon is confident of finishing the remaining 700kilometres journey in three to four months to Chinde where the Zambezi pours its waters into the Indian Ocean.
“I will make it through to the Indian ocean.  I think Mozambique would be a different experience altogether. I took short Portuguese class back in England when I was preparing for my final Zambezi Trek,” he said.
His 200 journey so far, has not been without challenges, especially passing through the Lower Zambezi National Park where he saw plenty of wildlife.
He lost his GPS and now he would have to rely on his campus to determine his position and direction every step of the way.
Before he started his leg of the Zambezi Cowbell Trek, he did two fundraising ventures in Ndola and Solwezi and more than K14, 000 was raised for the Lilayi Elephant Orphanage.
Several Zambians joined the explorer for the first 30kilometres of his second journey before he was left alone to follow the Zambezi.
His sponsors Promasidor are happy with his progress so far.
Promasidor Zambia managing director, Andy Taylor said Mr Lemon’s last food resupply would be today at Luangwa before he enters Mozambique.
“We are grateful to partners like Kasembo Distributors who are helping us with the resupply,” he said.
The Zambezi River, which is the fourth longest river in the world, flows through Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and DR Congo.
This flow goes ahead to empty at the Indian Ocean.

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