Swala offered Block 44 in the Republic of Zambia for hydrocarbon exploration


Swala Energy Limited (“Swala” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its 81.08% owned subsidiary, Swala Energy (Zambia) Limited has been offered hydrocarbon exploration rights over Block 44, in the Republic of Zambia.The process now involves Swala accepting the offer, after which the licence will be formally awarded by the Ministry of Energy.

Block 44lies in the southern part of the country and covers an area of 6,000km2 on the margins of the Karoo-aged Kariba basin. Gravity and seismic data suggest that the basin has a thick sequence of Karoo-aged sediments. The basin was explored by Mobil in the late 1980’s and a large volume of 2D seismic data was acquired at the time but no wells were drilled. It is evident from thesedata that the Kariba Basin has a significant sedimentary fill withlarge structural traps. During the first contract year Swala intends to reprocess and reinterpret the legacy seismic data as part of its work programme. Under the provisions of the award, Swala may withdraw after each of the first 2 years of the contract should the work conducted not confirm the basin’s prospectivity.

For more information, please visit: Swala Energy

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