Open Letter to Minister of lands Hon Harry Kalaba


Open Letter to Minister of lands Hon Harry Kalaba.

Dear Sir,
We are not blind, we are seeing you and we know its not about the copper you wish to be mining, we are not fools; there is more stones they need from the lower Zambezi national park.
If it was copper, why not the Copperbelt?
Why the game park next to Zimbabwe?
Just busy bringing so much pain and sadness to many lovers of wild life and natural beauty in Zambia and all over the world. Our eyes are open, stop playing with our lives.
We are living a consequence of your decision, man is not honored for taking life of animals or trees .Giving away what makes Zambia what it is today; A National Park? Lower Zambezi for the love of god.
It is a shame that Zambians don’t see the valve in wild life. So job creation is used as a better term, and yet forgetting the destruction they are creating. Mankind is a shame to creation.
The love for the environment, animals and trees is not there in the minister! What about the people?
Try to organize the people into righteousness and consciousness for in the beginning was creation!

#Phillip Mulekwa Concerned Zambian journalist
Cc HE Micheal Sata
Cc Elias Chipimo